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Planning for senior portraits can be overwhelming.  Where do you go? What do you wear? When should you book?  Let me help take the guess work out of planning.  Check out the articles below for inspiration and tips on planning your senior portraits.

How to Plan an Epic Graduation Party

Times are uncertain, and I know it might be difficult to think about a graduation ceremony that may or may not happen. Its heavy, and I feel so much for my 2020 seniors. But, your time will come to celebrate. This is a milestone that deserves recognition and whether that happens when you originally planned

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When Should You Book Senior Portraits?

Have you ever wondered when you should book senior portraits?  Such a simple question but it comes with a complex answer.  There are many variables you should consider when planning for senior portraits; What is your availability? Are you involved in extracurricular activities that take away time in your schedule?  What do you want to

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Bluebonnet Senior Portraits | Fort Worth

Bluebonnets in Texas are a thing y’all. If you haven’t been in that magical two week period, you simply must come, its a time when Texas is so beautiful and the people are fighting for the very best spot to plop their children in the blueish/purple flowers. I have been dying to do bluebonnet senior

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What to Wear for Senior Pictures

One of the most stressful parts of planning your senior pictures is figuring out what to wear for them. I always tell my clients that no matter what they choose to wear, they should always look and feel like themselves. But there are some things that will take your photos to the next level, and

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