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Welcome to my new blog series, Inspiring Teens of DFW. As a senior portrait photographer that focuses on young women, I have really been struggling with the message I share. I want young women to know they are more than a pretty face, that what they do matters. And that doing something is never limited just because they are young. So I started a missions to find teens across the metroplex that have an inspiring story. Teens that are making a difference in their lives and the lives of others. So with that, let me introduce you to Anne.

I met Anne through a local, online photography group. I actually didn’t realize that she was so young from watching her post. She is passionate about photography and extremely talented. I wish I had an ounce of her talent and ambition at her age. In addition to running a photography business at such a young age, she started Clickin Teens, all about helping young people find their passion behind the camera.

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Here is my interview with Anne:

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What are you hobbies, where do you go to school, favorite music?

I’m a 16-year-old professional photographer from Plano, Texas. When I’m not scouring Pinterest for ideas for my next shoot or emailing a client, I love spending time at my aerial studio where I take lyra (a suspended metal hoop used in the circus) and contemporary-style aerial dance. I’ve also been in various drama productions for half of my life and I watch Call the Midwife religiously. I’m homeschooled and always have been (I love it), but I’m off to Dallas Baptist University in the fall! My favorite kinds of music are soundtracks (instrumental or musical) or indie/alternative. Think Gaga mixed with Muse mixed with Mindy Gledhill.

When did you start photography? How long have you been in business?

I started photography when I was 4 and my grandpa gave me my first point-and-shoot. I took pictures of my tonsils and toes constantly and then “graduated” to nature when I was 8ish. When I was 14, I fell in love with Chubby Cheek Photography and how Shalonda captured the pure essence of children. I knew that I wanted to do that. I had my first children’s photoshoot in fall of 2015 with two little girls in my church’s side lot. They had flower crowns and blew bubbles and it’s been love ever since!

What is your favorite subject to shoot?

Children’s fashion. I always thought I’d do traditional children’s portraits, but I realized that most of the photos I was drawn too and the shoots that I loved were fashion based. I’ve also grown up with a history of fashion styling (otherwise known as telling my mom which outfits she should wear as long as I can remember) so it made perfect sense. I’m also starting to get into dance photography. I’ve always been a dancer, whether or not I was currently taking classes, so I adore capturing dancer’s passion and playing with different styles.

I asked Anne to share some of her favorite images with me, so you could actually SEE how talented she is.  I mean this is a photo blog.

Where can we find you? Website, social media, etc?

DFW Teen Photographer’s Facebook Group:

What is one random fun fact about you?

I can sing segments of “Let it Go” from Frozen in 25 different languages, and I’m working on being able to sing all of it in each of those 25 languages.

dallas senior portraits

Thanks for stopping by! I love, love, love sharing your stories.  Do you have an accomplishment you are proud of, or know someone with an inspiring story?  I would LOVE to share, email with your story.


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