Fabrication Yard | Dallas Senior Portraits

I am having so much fun with my model team this year; this Dallas senior portrait concept was created to push my creativity. I have been dying to do a session at the Fabrication Yard since a photographer friend first posted about it. As a related note, I am so fortunate to have an amazing network of photographers locally that are happy to share locations and ideas. When I first saw images from this place I knew I had to take seniors.

Urban and downtown looks are very trendy right now among senior portraits. It’s colorful, it’s edgy, and basically everything that screams senior pictures. I know this might not be a place where everyone wants to have a full portrait session. But know this is an option and would compliment a session in Downtown Dallas. I would LOVE for someone to bring a big flowy gown too, but maybe thats strange but I love the juxtaposition.

This team of models has been so amazing this year. I have girls from Timber Creek High School, Byron Nelson High School and Grapevine High School. They are all so much fun and willing to embrace every idea I have thrown their way. Every styled session just keeps getting better and we have some fun things planned for the spring. So when I pitched this concept, I had a very specific look I wanted the girls to have. As I began to describe it, I realized I was flashing back to my high school days. They all dressed perfectly, and it literally took me back nearly 20 years.

I need to find my old Nevermind album, Jinco jeans and a pair of Doc Martins and BAM, back in time. I love this grunge look and feel, especially for this location. Luckily none of my girls are the tormented souls of the 90s, and I think most would say this is NOT their typical style.  But it was so much fun to all get out of our comfort zone a bit and get creative.

One of my favorite parts about this group is the camaraderie. They all come from different schools and different extra curricular activities. I don’t know if high school is just different now, but I remember distinct cliques, and mean girls. I love that they are all so friendly and willing to work together. Some know each other well, and some not at all. I expect a lot of girls on my team, and they do not disappoint. I accept nothing less than kindness and these girls are that and so much more.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in joining my model team, click the link in the menu and complete the application! My team is opened to sophomores, juniors and of course seniors.  So there is no reason not to get in on this fun, even as an underclassmen.


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