When Should You Book Senior Portraits?

When Should You Book Senior Portraits?

Have you ever wondered when you should book senior portraits?  Such a simple question but it comes with a complex answer.  There are many variables you should consider when planning for senior portraits; What is your availability? Are you involved in extracurricular activities that take away time in your schedule?  What do you want to wear? Have you thought about locations?

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I know, I know, you’re just beginning to think about senior portraits, you don’t even know when you want to book and now I am expecting you to answer all these questions before ever even booking?  Well yes and no.  I have been working with seniors for a few year, and I have noticed trends and I want to help you avoid mistakes I have seen made in the past. keller texas senior portrait photographer

Probably the most important thing to consider when scheduling senior portraits is availability.  I know it seems obvious, but trust me, your senior year will fly by and before you know it, you graduate in a month and haven’t planned your senior portraits.  Its crazy to think about what your life will look like for the next 11 months, school just got out a few weeks ago and you have just been awarded the title of SENIOR!  It super exciting and I know you are enjoying your time with your friends and vacation with family.  But the reality is, band starts in just a couple weeks, dance and cheer camps are happening and football practice starts any day now.  As of today, if you are in Keller ISD schools you will be walking through the doors in 7 weeks.  Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your senior pictures.Dallas dance senior photographer

Outfits can make or break your photos.  Its funny because it doesn’t seem like it is that important, after all it is not the focus of your portraits, YOU are.  But think about your favorite dress or pair of jeans. Something that fits you perfectly and you feel amazing in, lets plan to wear those in your session.  A sun dress doesn’t (always) work in February.  Booties and jackets are basically a death sentence in August.  Want to wear your prom dress? I am guessing you might now have that yet.  Little things like that are really important factors in what time of year your sessions should take place.

And think about where you want your senior portraits.  If you love the urban look, great news, we can shoot urban basically 365 days a year.  The temperature has no effect on that background.  But if you love wildflowers, spring is your only option, they don’t bloom in December.  And we have a super narrow window for beautiful fall colors, typically mid December.

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So that was a lot of words to tell you, there really is not right or wrong time to book your senior portraits.  But I will encourage you to PLAN for them.  I open my books for the school year as soon as one ends.  So, if you realized that band starts in 3 weeks and you want a session before that, lets do it.  I know its hot, but it is totally doable.  We take breaks and powder your nose, we use an insane amount of hairspray to combat this humidity.  Some of my favorite images have been taken in July. And then you are done with portraits, you can share them with your friends all year, post on every #seniorsunday, because you checked that off your to do list.  Or if you know you want a boho senior session in wildflowers in April, its never too early to book. It will give you peace of mind to have it one your calendar and one less thing to worry about.  Plus imagine have 10 months to find the perfect outfits.  Your options are endless. Lets get planning!



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