Bluebonnet Senior Portraits | Fort Worth

Bluebonnets in Texas are a thing y’all. If you haven’t been in that magical two week period, you simply must come, its a time when Texas is so beautiful and the people are fighting for the very best spot to plop their children in the blueish/purple flowers. I have been dying to do bluebonnet senior portraits, but not in a traditional way. I really wanted something that would stand out, and bring the beauty to these iconic Texas flowers, but also be something really unique and different.

I found the amazing dresses at The Photographer’s Trunk and knew they would be perfect for this session. I love their selection of dresses, while you might see most of them on maternity models, they are multi purpose and really photography beautifully.

I reached out to Emma, one of my senior models, and we headed to find some bluebonnets with her friend Alexis.

I heard about this field that was plentiful but wasn’t your typical picturesque location. To me, that sounded perfect, because like I said, I wanted anything but “traditional” for this Texas tradition (say that 5 times fast). When we arrived I found fields galore, scattered with a rocky terrain and weeds and brush everywhere. I feel in love immediately. There is something so magical about the juxtaposition in a beautiful delicate flower surrounded by raw nature. I don’t know, maybe I am weird in my love for the contrast because we were the only people there; when my other known bluebonnet fields were crawling with people.

We had a blast, and the girls were troopers. I am such a city girl and stomping around in tall flowers were bugs and snakes like to live is just not something I enjoy doing. But never once did Emma or Alexis complain. They were in the long flowy dresses stomping around with no fear all for the perfect shot. And I love them for that. I really love how these images turned out, it was exactly how I envisioned and the perfect way to capture spring senior portraits in Texas.

Til next time,

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