What to Wear | Dresses

Have you ever wondered exactly what to wear for your photo shoot?  Well if you have worked with me you know I help to style every part of your session, including wardrobe.  But if you are anything like me, I need pictures, and details and an explanation.  So here we are.   what to wear

One thing I want you to notice is the tailored waist.  Structured pieces are so important to help shape your body.  There is a common mistake that something must be tight to show your figure and loose if you want to hide it. I would put these styles on every women whether she is a size 2 or a size 20.  Tapering the waist is something that flatters every body type as it creates that beautiful hourglass shape we all long to have.  I also wanted to show that you can be timeless and on trend at the same time.  I intentionally selected beautiful colors and styles, but nothing so bold it will take away from the focus of your portrait session, which is you.

Here are some links to help get you started, some are pictured above some are not.  But all of these websites are great to look if the specific style is out of stock.

  1. Rolled Sleeve Shirtdress – Gap Factory Outlet – $35
  2. Invitation Designer A Line Dress – $60
  3. Proof of Perfection Black Skater Dress – $52
  4. Ivory Floral Maxi – $68
  5. H&M Lace Dress – $50

Obviously not every dress suits every style, use these as a guideline to incorporate your favorite colors and patterns.  I love this list because you can keep it classic with simple colors and jewelry for a family session, headshot or a glamour shoot.  Or for a bolder look, like my seniors love, add some costume jewelry and colorful patterns to really make your images pop.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of what to wear! For more ideas and looks, check me out on Polyvore. And remember, when you book a session with me, I am always available to help you with your specific style.