Urban Senior Portraits | Hannah Timber Creek | Class of 2017

Hannah, is quite possibly the sweetest girl I have ever met. We photographed Hannah’s urban senior portraits this past July.    I first recruited her last year, her junior year to work on my model team.  You can read more about my usual recruitment technique HERE.  I have never been so happy to be just a little bit creepy in my tactics.


When styling her session we talked about different locations and settled on Downtown Roanoke.  This is one of the cutest parts of the metroplex.  Its small time charm mixed with an urban vibe.  There are lots a great buildings and colors.  Despite photographing numerous sessions there, I always find new places to shoot.

But regardless, we always find this wall.  I mean, I love a bright background and the lines and color of this wall are a must have when photographing in Roanoke.  To me, this wall is the definition of Oak Street.  If you see a photograph on this wall, you immediately know where this was taken right?  LRP_morton_16 LRP_morton_19

So one of my favorite reasons to shoot in Roanoke, is that a couple blocks from downtown there are gorgeous fields.  And you guys know how much I love me a tree lined field with tall grass.  Its like getting 2 completely different sessions in one.  More bang for your buck thats for sure. LRP_morton_32

So about the time we hit the field the sun was falling fast.  As it usually happens right.  But I was really excited to try a couple silhouette shots.  The senior one was Hannah’s idea, and so fun.  I love this shot sooooo much.  Hannah is a SkyDancer and Timber Creek High School.  But she’s more than just a member, she’s and officer.  I kept seeing these amazing poses her mom was posting on Facebook, and I needed to capture those with my big girl camera.  Back in my high school days, I was quite limber and wish I had that image to show my current self who can barely touch her toes.  And in case you are wondering, that is the real sunset.


silhouette dancer

I am excited to see what Hannah does in her final year in high school.  She is strong, ambitious, so sweet and beautiful.