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1. a female parent.
2.(often initial capital letterone’s female parent.
to perform the tasks or duties of a female parent; act maternally
I met Ashley a few weeks ago and if webster put photos next to words, hers would be next to mother.  We had exchanged emails months before planning her maternity and newborn sessions.  Ashley is due late November with twins!  So exciting!! I have 2 sets of twins due within 1 month of each other, there must be something in this DFW water.  We touched base a few weeks out from her scheduled session and she informed me she had been placed on bed rest right around 20 weeks.  I think chilling in the hospital for roughly 20 weeks to give your babies the best chance of survival definitely earns you the title of “mother”.
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But despite being confined to a hospital for what is likely the duration of her pregnancy, she decided she still wanted maternity photos.  I knew at that moment that I was going to LOVE working with Ashley.  Its really is so priceless to capture these important times in your life, even when they don’t always go as planned.
It definitely was a challenge to find a great location inside a hospital.  To top it off, there were apocalyptic clouds looming and being a natal light photographer…well you can imagine.  I brought some blankets and backdrops and we found and empty room and did a few shots.
A nurse kindly suggested the top of the parking garage.  I am seriously in LOVE with the light that was available there.  While not the most aesthetically pleasing, the cement was like a giant reflector bouncing gorgeous diffused light everywhere!
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I love this shot above and I hope that Ashley does too, as I think it will be a powerful reminder of what an amazing mother she is and what she did while nurturing those sweet babies.
baylor dallas, maternity photos, hospital photos, twins baylor dallas, maternity photos, hospital photos, twins baylor dallas, maternity photos, hospital photos, twins
Ashley was absolutely glowing and such a pleasure to work with.  I don’t think I have met anyone as determined as she is, and she did it with a beautify smile and positive attitude.  It certainly puts my complaining about frequent bathroom trips to shame.
You’re beautiful and inspiring! You will make a fantastic mother, with your selflessness.  I can’t wait to meet those precious babies you are fighting for!