Texas Bluebonnets | Best of 2014

If you have ever lived in Texas, been to Texas or even heard of us, you know we love our bluebonnets. The wildflowers in the spring here are insane, and we love to love our bluebonnets.  I am always so fascinated when I get so many inquiries about photo sessions.   And its such a crazy time, because from the time you see the first bloom you have about 2 weeks to capture them before they are gone.  But while they are here, they are so amazing.

I had a great bluebonnet season, thanks to one of my loyal clients.  She is a very active member of a local moms group, so I was so happy when she contacted me to do a set up for their group.  Its such a fun idea, we do super quick session, shorter than a typical mini, and each parent get a couple photos depending on the package they chose.  Its an absolutely perfect deal for everyone.


Bluebonnet Mini Sessions


In addition to my awesome moms group mini session set up, I offered my own mini sessions for families who wanted more of a personal touch.  I was so excited when Margaret contacted me to capture her sweet family.  Her son is just a couple months older than mine so it was so fun to capture a toddler so close in age to my own.  They can definitely be a challenge but they are so fun.  We had a gorgeous session during the golden hour, and just look at what that yummy light does to these already stunning flowers.  Awesome.bluebonnet2

And there was Elaine’s family.  Elaine is so awesome, she is so outgoing and fun and I don’t think she has missed a playdate yet.  I love her daughter, she has the same free spirit that my own does.  Which means we both spend many a play date chasing our kids around instead of socializing, but it reminds me that my kid isn’t the only busy body.  BlogBoard-10


I hope you enjoyed these lovely wildflowers.  Until next year!