TCU Senior | Spencer

Meet Spencer, a TCU senior.  My session with Spencer was so much fun!  But our story to get here is quite crazy.

I met Spencer through Shelby, her sister.  Shelby graduated May of this year, and Spencer is graduating in December, both sisters at TCU.  I met Shelby over coffee one evening and we decided it would be a blast to do a combined session, where we would do some individual senior portraits of each of them and a few together.

Cut to May, where our scheduled session is to take place.  I met the girls at their parents for the full treatment, professional hair and makeup.  Now, if you were living in a hole you might not know this, but May in Texas was wet.  Like really wet.  Record breaking rain and flood levels. We took a gamble and decided to go forward with the session as planned.  The girls were ready and looked incredible!  Since Shelby was on a shorter time crunch we started her session while Spencer finished gathering her clothes.  I think we got about 30 minutes in before the monsoon rolled in.  Ugh.

So, we got Shelby's announcement photos finished and ordered and planned to reschedule the session together.  It continued to rain. Every reschedule, it rained; except of course the one we cancelled because it was raining all day but had the most beautiful evening in weeks.  Ugh.  Finally, August rolls around and its warm, but the perfect setting for Spencer's photos.

We met at the TCU campus and just wandered around for the perfect spots.  TCU has literally the most amazing campus, at least for Texas, and it was the perfect setting for a soon to be graduate.  I loved every single photo I took, and Im pretty sure Spencer after Spencer graduates she should call up Kim Dawson for a modeling contract, no joke.

Congratulations Spencer!  I hope this final semester flies by and you have a blast before entering the "real" world.