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  • Fall Photo Session | Grapevine High School | Bailey

  • I love a fall photo session, especially when it is a senior portrait session, its probably no secret they are my favorite. I get so much joy out of making women look and feel amazing, and especially when they are at such a transitional time in their lives. It might be vain, but it feels like I am making a difference. B[...]
  • MBA Graduation Portraits | Natasha

  • College graduation portraits are definitely increasing in demand.  This is not something that people did when I was in college.  And now I sound like an old person, "back in my day, we had to walk uphill in snow both ways" yada yada.  But I actually really love this; I think its important to celebrate all life's milest[...]
  • Creative Child Portraits | Keller TX

  • Believe it or not, I don't really consider myself extremely creative.  When I think of my strengths they are very technical in nature.  Even in school, I was drawn to the arts, but excelled in academics.  Ok, well excelled may be an exaggeration, but I did much better at learning formulas and equations than a french ac[...]
  • Glamour Portrait Session | Kelsey

  • As I begin building a glamour brand empire, I knew I needed to photograph Kelsey.  She is already stunningly beautiful.  Life hasn't always been easy for her, she lost both her parents within just a couple years.  But she has this amazing ability to always smile and have a positive attitude when most people would crumb[...]