Downtown Roanoke Sweet 16 Session | Emma

I always wondered why they called it “sweet 16”.  My recollections (and I am certain my mother’s as well) was not so sweet.  High school is hard, hormones make women do crazy things and at 16, you haven’t yet mastered the skill of control.  Ok so that was me.  Well a few weeks ago I met Emma; and hand to God, she was the nicest person I have ever met.  I could not believe she was 16.  She carried herself with such grace and poise, like a modern day Audrey Hepburn.  She had such style and was so polite; you could tell her mother was extremely proud – and should be.

I can honestly say, I loved every minute of this session.  Emma was so easy to pose and completely rocked her photo shoot.   I hope she treasures these images for years to come.


I love how these turned out.  We got so many different looks in Downtown Roanoke, its one of my absolute favorite places to shoot.  What do you think?

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