Sweet 16 Sunset Photo Session | Natalie

I am absolutely in love with these photos from Natalie’s session.

Well truthfully it wasn’t actually a session.  Recently I took on my very first student, Rosalyn.  Rosalyn approached me about teaching her how to use her camera, she had seen my work on Facebook and was inspired to learn more.  I was so completely shocked and flattered.  Of course I was super excited to share my knowledge to a budding photographer, but this is a first for me.  Something I am very excited to offer, stay tuned for more information.

When talking with Rosalyn, she had a lot of basic knowledge, but was hoping to strengthen her skills for the arrival of her sweet niece just a couple weeks away.  I don’t know about you, but I have never been the type to learn from a book.  I am absolutely a hands on learner, and thankfully, so is Rosalyn.  So a big part of what I wanted to do for her was set up real shooting, so I could look over her shoulder and answer questions real time.  So I put out a model call and enter Natalie.

I knew I wanted a teenage girl, because unlike children, they generally can follow directions and pretty much pose themselves.  Plus most girls love to be photographed.  We set up our sunset photo session at Bear Creek Park and I decided to shoot a few images to give Natalie for modeling for us.  I had no idea this would be one of my favorite set of images to date!  Natalie was so easy to photograph and such a pleasure to work with.

I am so excited to share these images with you.  I am even more excited to offer my teaching services and help you get the kinds of images you want.  Coming January 2016!! So go ahead and ask for that DSLR for Christmas, I'll teach you have to take amazing pictures you love.