Sweet 16 Glamour Session | Hannah

So my story of how I met Hannah was so brave and courageous, or maybe a little creepy.  If you know me, you know I am a bit of a introvert.  That may or may not surprise you, but approaching people is something I just simply cannot do.  If you say hi to me, I will talk to you for hours until you feel uncomfortable, but ask me to speak first and its literally crippling.  Social media is a great platform for people like me, I can hide behind the safety of my keyboard and suddenly I am bold and courageous.

So the story.  I posted on one of those buy/sell/trade sites looking for some silk flowers.  I’m in the process of collecting them for a really amazing photo shoot. Hannah’s mom happened to reply that she had some for sale, great.  Porch pick up and be gone.  Except when I picked them up, I noticed a sign in their yard for a local high school dance team, a high school I did not currently have a senior model for.  So I put on my brave typing fingers and asked if she was a senior and if she might be interested in working with me.

Except, Hannah is a junior.  But thats completely fine by me.  She is so beautiful and involved in the dance team she is still a perfect fit!  So I asked her to join my team this year.  Since I have been DYING to break into the glamour market, my senior models all agreed to join me for a day of glamour sessions.  It was so fun to have these girls and their moms in my home studio and just chit chat and take some pictures.

Hannah was an absolute dream to photograph! Her photos are some of my favorite glamour photos ever.  So stunning at 16, and literally the sweetest and most polite girl I have met.  Thanks for trusting me Hannah and Hannah's mom, I'm glad you didn't think I was too creepy recruiting you through Facebook. I hope you'll treasure these images for a lifetime.