Studio Glamour Session | Catherine

I like to throw around the word studio as if it means something.  Someday, I will have a gorgeous 3500 sq foot studio, and when I do I hope you come visit me.  And book a session because its going to be expensive.  But today, as I am learning to shoot indoors, my studio is my front office, or my garage, or living room.  Or in some cases, even your home.  But you know what, I love it.  Its intimate, its fun, it feels like friends and family hanging out, and the end result is beautiful images. Whats not to love.

So its no secret that I am bringing glamour photography back.  I want to change the way you think about what a glamour session looks like.  Its not studded denim jacket with bangs that extend past the frame.  And its even beyond fashion, and just beautiful portraits of you.  It can be glammed up or more casual, something that showcases you and your beauty.


I know Catherine through Facebook, her daughter is just a couple months younger than my youngest.  We spent many a sleepless night talking to a group of women who can complain about the challenges of having a newborn without someone telling you to “enjoy every minute”.  If you have, or remember having, a newborn, you know how much time you do not get to yourself.  It was so amazing to work with her and allow her to be just herself with me.  For the time we were together, it wasn’t about being a wife, or a mother.  I have no doubt she loves being those things and that she does a wonderful job.  But during this time, she was Catherine.  She is beautiful, confident and so sweet.  LRP_catherine-3 LRP_catherine-12

To me, glamour sessions are so much more than vanity.  Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dolled up, and I love helping women get dolled up.  If it sparkles, I love it, I am a girly girl.  But this to me it is empowering.  Don’t ask me to explain it, because it sort of goes against the logic of feminism.  But when you are confident, you can take on the world. Beauty doesn’t define you, but it sure is fun am I right?