Snowy Texas Day | Snow Fall Photoshoot

Snow is Texas is rare, in fact so rare that we often confuse ice for snow.  Which is exactly what happened Thursday night and Friday morning.  Luckily the camera cannot distinguish between white snowy precipitation and white icy.  So taken advantage of the white covered ground I bundled myself and the boy and headed out of a quick photoshoot – or um – I mean taking him to play in the snow for the first time.

I think we were outside for a whopping 7 minutes, he did not find it nearly as exciting as I did.  I was able to get about 3 feet away each time I set him down to actually snap a couple photos, but he did NOT like that.  He is such a sensitive and curious boy, in hindsight if I had held him longer and let him explore while still in the comfort of mommas arms, I am certain I  could have gotten more shots.  Of course in that scenario I am completely neglecting the fact that he was bundled and completely inflexible that would rival and Christmas Story moment.

It was good fun and I am happy with the results, especially for such a quick outing.  I think next time it snows, I might offer some impromptu minis, provided its within walking distance.

LRP_8840 copy rivers snow


I am in love with his new “cheese” face on the very bottom.  But equally hilarious is the sith lord pose.  Its seriously cracking me up and sure to be great blackmail content in the future.

I hope you enjoy these wintery photos as much as I do!


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