Single Daughters Wedding Photos | Alzheimer’s Awareness

Single daughter’s wedding photos sounds a bit confusing doesn’t it? Why would single girls want wedding photos?  Well, you might have read about that recently; and since there has been some buzz around these images, I thought I would share with you my perspective.

It was last summer, I got the call from Pam.  I knew Scott was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s; in fact I had just taken their family photos for their Christmas cards just that past December.  Scott’s health was declining and she had a really creative idea of putting Becca and Sarah in wedding dresses and doing a father daughter photo shoot.  I absolutely LOVED this idea.  The second she pitched it my wheels began to turn.  How could we make this incredible for them.  But, I don’t want to take more credit than I deserve here.  This was all Pam, Becca and Sarah; they took this concept and ran with it.  I showed up with a couch and a camera.

Since I had last seen Scott, his health had declined and his alzheimer’s had progressed.  Pam explained this to me prior to the session, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  We scheduled the session at their home, or right across the street to be exact.  It was the perfect background I envisioned, there were cars parked, flags hanging and mailboxes, all of which were impossible to shoot around.  So technically and artistically, it wasn’t perfect. But the girls were concerned putting Scott in an unfamiliar environment would be too difficult.  So we worked with what we had.  The neighborhood is beautiful, and being their own, I hope it adds that bit of charm.  But one thing I realized with all the attention this session has received, is that an image doesn’t have to be technically perfect to be a perfect capture.

The session itself was great.  I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of Scott’s awareness or how the girls would react.  But they were so amazing, they really were strong and just had a great time.  Scott struggled a bit, but he was a trooper.  I have very limited knowledge of Alzheimer’s, but it was very much what I expected.  Some blank stares and some confusion but was very agreeable and did exactly what we asked.  And despite the hot July temperatures, we managed to get some smiles.

Images are so powerful.  It can be difficult to see it day in and day out, we have the incredible ability in this day and age to capture anything an everything.  Cameras are in the palm of our hands daily, they are more affordable then ever, I mean 15 years ago we were stuck with 36 images at a time, now you can buy a 16 gig SD card for less than $20. Thats incredible.  But what is more valuable than a photograph, I would argue nothing.  Maybe your memory.  We capture moments, milestones and in less fortunate cases, missed milestones. Every girl imagines walking down the isle with her father.  I was fortunate enough to experience that first hand, and my dad’s tear filled eyes are a moment I will NEVER forget.  But some women, are not given that same opportunity.  And while its not a replacement for the real thing, I hope that for this moment, they enjoyed this time with their father.

Sarah and Becca have been named honorary chairmen of the Walk to End Alzheimers to help raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

We never know what life will throw our way.  Grab your phone, camera, or hire a professional and get snapping.  Because images are the one thing we have when are loved ones are gone, and its the only thing we can give to our family beyond our time here on earth.

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