Rose| A Closer Look

I wasn’t going to post about this one, mostly because these images came out of experimentations.  But….I got a lot of really positive responses to this so I thought maybe it was worth a little blurb.  Who knows, maybe this will make me Pinfamous (get it?).

So I have been dying to get the 100mm macro lens.  I rented one for a wedding last fall, and my very favorite image of my son was shot with that lens.  So I was sold.

I should mention I am cheap; I want nice things but I hate paying for them.  So I do a lot of craigslisting.  I have a couple lenses I am always looking for, and this was one of them.  And one day, bam, there it was, gently used.  Now I know craigslist can be completely dangerous, for both safety and scamming.  So I always test the merch..and I practice safety precautions.  And I never look for too good of a deal, if its too good to be true…well you know.  So thats my PSA.

So when I got these beautiful roses, I knew I needed preserve them forever.  So here is the outcome.  Whatcha think?


In fact the image at the very top of the post was featured as the grand prize winner for a weekly photo challenge.  Crazy right?  I do love it though.


I’d love to see your macro images, and please share your tips!  Its so much fun to play but there is a lot to learn.  Nailing focus is the first one.