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  • Maternity

  • In my eyes, a woman is [almost] never more beautiful than when she is with child.  I know, as a woman who carried 2, that its not always easy to feel beautiful.  You feel awkward, uncomfortable, puffy, bloated and down right blah.  It is my mission to make you feel amazing, What our bodies do is nothing short of amazin[...]
  • Glamour

  • Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, I believe that with all my heart.  As a woman, I know how difficult it is to see yourself as beautiful.  I am here to show you that you are perfect, as you are, right now.  You don't need need to lose a pound, a wrinkle or birthmark.  Contact me today to book your glamour session a[...]
  • Seniors

  • Its an exciting time to be a senior, its full of emotional endings and exciting beginnings.  It's important to me to capture each girl in her uniqueness.  She is beautiful, talented and learning who she is as a woman.  I tailor each of my sessions to each girls personality; we decide the best locations, outfits and sty[...]
  • Children and Families

  • In a world where cameras are always at our finger tips, formal portraits are often neglected.  I love being able to capture every detail in my families life, but there truly is no replacement for a portrait.  Its important to capture not only your children, but your family as well.  Get out from behind that camera and [...]