Mommy and Me

I have known Carlyn since I was 8.  In the interest of SOME anonymity (ha) I won’t say exactly how long that has been, but a while.


We have had some amazing times together; a little bit of trouble, gossip and loads of fun…all the components required from a girlfriend.  We have seen and been through so much together. She is an amazing supporter of my business and is always looking for ways to help.  By the way, my friends kick ass, can I just say that.


When she came to me wanting some photos with her and her daughter, I was so excited!  They are both so beautiful (hello portfolio work!) but I love capturing and creating intimate moments with mothers and their children.  Its a much different tone then just a family photo, there is a very special bond between a mother and their child I just could not wait to put it on film (or a CF card, whatever).


So begins the fun….somehow it takes me 1.5 hours to actually leave the house.  I was dressed, the baby was ready and still 1.5 hours.  Seriously, how is that possible.  But never the less I somehow, miraculously made it on time.  Well on time was 10a…in Texas…in late June.  That means 157.9 degrees, roughly.  We started out having a blast, but you know how toddlers are, they refuse to stay still, or look at the camera, or smile, or do anything.  So we tried and tried.  To be full honest, I really wasn’t sure if I got ANY images at all.  So after we were both drenched in sweat, we decided to try again a few days later inside.


Inside was not as successful as I had hoped, but to my surprise, I got some really awesome outdoor shots.  Check them out.

calryn and marlee

Not bad eh?  I didn’t edit the entire session in black and white, but as a collection I loved the effect of the black and white.  The color ones turned out super cute too!  But they were not all the beautiful spectacles from above.  Here is what I got the most of:



I hope you enjoyed this post!  TTFN.