Glamour Portrait Session | Kelsey

As I begin building a glamour brand empire, I knew I needed to photograph Kelsey.  She is already stunningly beautiful.  Life hasn’t always been easy for her, she lost both her parents within just a couple years.  But she has this amazing ability to always smile and have a positive attitude when most people would crumble.  I knew I needed to capture not only her beauty, but her spirit.  And let me just say, the ink, fabulous.

I met Kelsey what feels like forever ago, it was 2012.  We were both bridesmaids in my best friends wedding.  In fact after we met and realized we had several mutual friends, I was surprised we didn’t meet sooner.  Any way, Kelsey is such an incredible person, after planning bridal showers, bachelorette parties and much more she is the kind of friend you need in your life.


I had a few ideas for Kelsey’s session.  I knew I wanted to do something vintage and pinup inspired and a little boudoir.  I use the term boudoir, but my style is a bit different, its not about the lingerie or trying to be sexy.  To me, its about femininity and connection.  What my clients wear is secondary to that.

We had so much fun!  We started with hair and makeup, both done by me.  Kelsey had brought several pieces with her, and I had several in my studio wardrobe.  So we begin filtering and pairing pieces.  This might be my favorite part, I’m a shopaholic by nature so this fits right in.  We came up with 4 gorgeous sets, and I honestly can’t decide which is my favorite.  Twist my arm and I might be leaning towards the white sheet set up.

Ok so let me be honest with you for one second, the end result of these photo is fantastic.  I am really happy with the outcome.  But the behind the scenes is less than glamorous.  We started with hair and makeup in my kitchen, it has great natural light so I knew I wanted to do any makeup application there.  My studio sets were in the living room, facing my floor to ceiling windows. The light there is magical, but there were toddler toys to work around.  The bed set up, was actually my bed. The light is there is moderate but not ideal for the set I wanted, so this set we used studio lighting.

It doesn’t look like much but the results are great.  I tell you this because you do not need much to work with.  I can work in most any conditions, so when you book a shoot, Ill travel to you and we can make your space work. Or you can travel to me and enjoy the fisher price decor.  My mission is to show every woman she is beautiful, and all I need is a woman, and my camera.

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