Keller Photographer | January Top 5

Many of you know I decided to take on a 365 challenge.  Part of me thinks its completely crazy, I mean is anyone actually successful at this?  Another part of me know this will push me and my abilities.  That is the point after all.  I also plan to be a little lenient on myself, if I miss 1 day, no need to throw in the towel, just pick up where I left off.  Its hard, but thats the model I want to take while pursuing my dreams, that if I make a mistake, its OK!  And it should be, because it will happen, but that doesn’t mean I give up.

Sorry that was a  bit of a ramble.  But since many of you may not follow my project 365, I wanted to take a minute every month to showcase my favorites from that month.  I am not following any particular theme, just grabbing my camera and shooting.  Sometimes it might be a paid session, sometimes it might be my dinner and sometimes (most of the time) it will be my son.  If you are interested in following, find me on instagram @rabon629

Without further adieu…here are my top 5.

LRP_0417 copy

It was sort of impromptu, I had taken my son out to play in the rain, and didn't want to leave it in the car so it came in Target with me. I just loved this image.

LRP_0773 copy

I love this image to pieces. My mother is a music teacher and pianist, has played piano her whole life. I loved this special moment shared between the 2 of them.

LRP_0909 copy

Not much to say here, he is always trying to get to something he can't reach, there is usually a reason why he can't reach it.

LRP_0981 copy

A quick test for my Valentines Day mini sessions. I was having such a hard time coming up with a set that I liked and this sort of just came to me. I actually only had about 4 heart flowers, and cloned the rest in Photoshop, but it was much easier to actually make more for the minis.

LRP_1354 copy

My son adores his father. Seeing them together makes my heart sings songs I didn't know where there. My cup runneth over!


So these are all my son, and I am biased that these were the best images.  They might be my favorite because of what they mean to me.  I hope throughout the year, I can learn to look at an image without my mommy goggles on and share some images that aren’t my son.  But he is pretty adorable right?

Til next time!