Keller Family Photo Session

You may recognize this family.  Its because I have known Carlyn for over 20 years.  There are so many people that come into your life, but only a few hang around.  I consider myself blessed to have met and known Carlyn and have her in my life for as long as I have.  Someday, when its not all about business, I have some hilarious stories to share.

One of the neatest things about friends turned clients is that I get to capture these special moments for them.  I have watched her family grow, and to be able to immortalize that is really and honor.  Of course, I feel that way for all my clients.

Carlyn’s family is seriously beautiful.  I mean, like cover of a magazine, nauseatingly gorgeous.  One family should not be allowed to have so much hotness, it really isn’t fair to the rest of us.  Carlyn and her daughter had just returned from the beach, so she really wanted something reminiscent.  Of course in North Texas there aren’t too many oceans, but I knew just the spot at Lake Grapevine.

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Another thing I love about working with friends is that they have a tendency to trust me implicitly.  So when we scheduled her family session I was like “hey I have this idea, if your daughter cooperates can we try it?”  She was like “sure, what the heck”.  So I show up with this super adorable dress my grandma made (foot note: my grandmother is seriously awesome and you must stay tuned for another post about her amazingness).  And I made some floral crowns and my previous craft night.



I am so glad she trusted me.  I am absolutely in love with these last few of her little girl.  The butterfly photo (butterflies from Photographers Unleashed) is what I had in mind with this outfit.  It was my first attempt at something more conceptual that just snapping a photo, at least with a client.  If I could photograph children like this, I would do it  Something so fun about creating something from nothing!

I hope you enjoyed this segment of my blog.  Until next time~