Fashion Friday | Glamour Session

So you’ve decided you’re ready to book a glamour session.  HOORAY, you will not regret it!  Now comes the planning, of course I tailor every session uniquely but its nice to have an idea of what to look for.  Below are 3 styles that I absolutely love for glamour sessions.

glamour session


This blush pink lace number is stunning and flatters a variety of skin tones.  The sweetheart neckline helps to accentuate “the girls” without being provocative.  Add a little glitz to your ears for the perfect glam look.



glamour session


I know it might seem a bit odd to have something so casual for a glamour session, but I am literally obsessed with this look. Here’s why, I love having my hair and makeup done, it makes me feel amazing any day of the week. But you will never see my run to target in my fluffy dress, and isn’t the idea to feel beautiful all the time. The purpose of a glamour session is not to doll you up and say “look how beautiful you could be” but its to say “look how beautiful you are!”. And yes maybe a little extra makeup and volume to your hair helps, but its still you! Nothing says beautiful to me than a simple outfit. Stick with a neutral pallet, no patterns or loud colors. This will draw attention to your flawless face and every image will showcase you without the glitter and fluff (which I also love).

glamour session


This look, naturally, is called the “Carrie Bradshaw”, I’m pretty sure it needs no further explanation.  There is something so perfect about a tutu, at any age.  Its fun and flawy and the ultimate girly option.  I love pink because it has to be the most feminine color ever.  I mean, even the tommest of boys will transform into an Elle Woods the moment a speck of pink is placed on her body.  I love the texture of this tutu, but don’t feel like it has to be fringed and ruffled, a basic tulle version works wonderfully to!  The short versions are fun, but don’t be afraid to go full length just because you are not a child anymore, tutus are glamorous and photograph perfectly!

Thanks for joining me today for this segment of Fashion Friday, the glamour edition.  If you like these options be sure to check me out on Polyvore for more fun ideas.

Til next time!