Fall Photo Session | Grapevine High School | Bailey

Fall Photo Session | Grapevine High School | Bailey

I love a fall photo session, especially when it is a senior portrait session, its probably no secret they are my favorite. I get so much joy out of making women look and feel amazing, and especially when they are at such a transitional time in their lives. It might be vain, but it feels like I am making a difference. But this post isn’t meant to be a sappy one. Its really just to show off some amazing images at the most perfect location.


I first met Bailey at our fabrication yard model session. Bailey hadn’t yet signed on to the model program, but Madison invited her along. So many of my models know each other, I wanted Madison to have the same fun experience and she brought along Bailey. She is seriously stunning and I am so excited to have her on my team. Bailey is a cheerleader at Grapevine High School, in fact we squeezed her session in just before her cheering in football team’s playoff game. Talk about multi tasking!


We settled on Katie’s Woods at Grapevine Lake, she mentioned she loves the fall colors and we could not have picked a better place, it was so gorgeous. She also mentioned she loved flowers, but as you know in Texas those are hard to come by outside of a few weeks in the spring. But we found this patch of weeds (?) or some other flowering plant. While I wouldn’t want my yard covered in them, they photographed beautifully and I think gave her the perfect blend of fall and flowers.


Texas is known for its beautiful orange sunsets, and I think of the warm summer glow when I think of a golden hour photo session. But something I have noticed over the last couple years is that the winter golden light is actually my favorite. You get the same beautiful orange glow, but a muted background and the result is the beautiful light that is unmatched in any other season. I love so much about this session, and would you believe we finished in 1 hour. I am pretty sure thats a record for a senior girl and there are so many wonderful shots. I refuse to pick a favorite, because I love them all.


I hope you enjoyed this viewing these images as much as I enjoyed creating them.


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