Downtown Dallas Wedding – Starlightroom Room | Giovanni and Jessica

Giovanni and Jessica were such and incredible couple to work with; truthfully, wonderful people inside and out.  They first came to me through a past bride, or rather and past bride’s family member.  I love when I get referrals, it complete reassures that I am doing my job right.  Anywho, while Gio and Jess were from Texas, they were living in Chicago for Gio’s job.  But since all of their family and friends were here, naturally they wanted to get married here.

Ok now let me pause and say, I could barely plan a wedding a few miles down the road.  I have absolutely no idea how one would go about planning a wedding from out of state.  But they did, without a wedding planner I might add – unless you count the maid of honor, which you absolutely could.  In fact maybe she should be a wedding planner.  So Monica if you read this, know that you and your sister did an amazing job and could totally run and event planning company, just saying.

So anyway, it was definitely different for me to work with a couple I couldn’t sit down with.  But between emails, and conference calls I got a pretty good feel for who they were and what their personalities were like.  They were so incredibly nice it was so much fun to work with them.

Their wedding was so beautiful.  A traditional catholic wedding at St. Michaels Arc Angel in Dallas/Garland.  It was a beautiful ceremony!  I don’t attend too many traditional catholic wedding being a girl from a protestant family, but the traditions are so fascinating to me.  I am such a sucker for tradition and this ceremony was filled with them!


Immediately following the wedding we naturally did some formal posed shots.  I was so grateful to B & G because they were completely trusting and let me drag them outdoors, in the head to get some beautiful photos.

zavala copy

And naturally because we were heading downtown I NEEDED to take some couple shots there too!  I got so many, too many to post really, but I LOVED shooting there!

zavala2 copyzavala6Of course we got all the formal shots, they were officially married it was time to party!  And because I am literally obsessed with Black and White for weddings, here is my take on the reception.

zavala5As with many receptions there were some really difficult lighting situations, and truthfully some of these looked better in color, but as a cohesive collage the black and white was so much better!  And of course you can’t forget to capture every detail.  Again – sucker for the black and white!

zavala3I know you can’t tell because of my black and white obsession, but her shoes there in the middle were the most fabulous shade of royal blue. They peek out a bit in the photo of them on the red carpet.  She was a trooper and wore them almost the entire night.  And this my friend was no short wedding. 8 hours start to finish, not including the getting ready time.  I know they were exhausted but they seemed to have a blast!  I hope you enjoyed these photos.  And more importantly, I hope I have given this happy couple a lifetime of memories to share with their family current and future members!

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