Downtown Fort Worth Senior Session | Brandi

If you’ve spent any time looking around my website, or following me on social media, you know I love natural light.  You’ve probably seen countless photos with a beautiful field with the sunset behind a lovely tree line.  That is my home, my go to, its flawless and gorgeous and my clients love it.


But, sometimes you need to shake things up.  As I grow my senior following I want to provide something different.  A session that suits each girl perfectly.  While bohemian dresses and flower crowns are so fun, it doesn’t fit everyones personality. Enter the urban senior shoot.  Our backdrop for this fort worth senior was the Plaza downtown.  I love downtown Fort Worth, everything about it is so fantastic.  There is a lovely mix of history and tradition with modern architecture and litlle bit of a hipster vibe.  It reminds me a little of Austin on a smaller scale.



Brandi is a 2016 Keller High School senior.  In fact, she cheered with one of my 2015 senior clients, Katie.  It’s so fun when I have girls that know each other, it really makes this crazy metroplex feel a little like a small town sometimes.  When we decided on a downtown theme, I knew exactly what I wanted Brandi to wear.  Off to hunt for the perfect thing.


If you know me, you know I am hack, a DIYer, a build it on a budget kind of person; with the disclaimer that I never sacrifice quality.  If you’re local to DFW you may have heard of this place called Half off Half.  This is one of my favorite places to shop for photo wardrobe.  This place is a digging place, its basically a company that buys unwanted/returned items from big chain stores.  So many of their items are damaged or stained.  Sometimes its a seam rip thats a super simple fix, or a quick run through the washing machine to remove whatever that brown stain was.  Sometimes they are perfect, and I have no idea how they landed there.  Enter, amazing gold sequin skirt.  I knew I had to have it, it was a little more than I expect to spend at a place like this, but at $30 it was too amazing to pass up, and makes a great addition to my studio wardrobe.  I knew I wanted to pair it with a graphic tee to make it more casual and fun.

I just love how these images turned out.  Don’t you?