Senior Session Downtown Fort Worth | Kristen | Timber Creek High School

I loved this senior session in downtown Fort Worth. I have had a lot of girls who love the urban look this year, and I have to say, I don’t hate it. There is so much variety you can get, from the rustic feel of the stockyards to the glamorous feel of the city. The colors and textures are so magical and I love it all so much. I first met Kristen this summer when she joined Hannah on my model shoot. She is a natural in front of the camera, and I am so excited that she chose me to capture this transitional time in her life. Despite the rocky first impression I made, but thats a story for another day.

We started on Lancaster Ave at the old T & P warehouse.  I just love this art deco building, its difficult to capture its glory in a portrait session.  And despite is run down condition its absolutely beautiful, and I am so excited it was added to the preservation list last year.  That means this glorious building will be around for many years for me to pose beautiful seniors in front of.

keller senior photographer, senior

When we first started planning Kristen’s session, she said she is a big Harry Potter fan and had a shirt she wanted to incorporate in her session. Well naturally I we had to figure out how to make that awesome. I’m not going to lie, I love when girls get slammed up for their session. But it makes me so happy when they bring something that is uniquely theirs. That is the point of a senior session after all; to capture you as you are, right now.

keller senior photographer, senior

There is this building downtown, Frost bank I believe, that has completely mirrored walls. Its hard to say, but these might be my favorite images from her session. I just love the dress, its perfect for this spot.  There is just something magical about the street lights in the back, the cobblestone and even the trashcan.  It screams urban, which obviously is what we were going for.  It makes me feel like she is ready to meet her girlfriends for a fun dinner and night on town.  Could there be a better way to reflect on your high school years?

keller senior photographer, senior sessionSenior portraits are often about glitz and glam.  We do the hair and makeup, which is amazing and fun, and pick the best outfits for the location.  But I also want to remember why we capture this time.  Its so transitional as these young women are growing into independent adults.  I want every one of my seniors to have one outfit, location and pose that is reflective of what they are leaving behind.
keller senior photographer, senior session

And plus, I mean years down the road, after she is a wife and a mother, how amazing would it be to look back on this image and remember what an important part dance was in her life.  Not only is she extremely talented but developed a core group of friends.  I have no doubt she will look back on this exact photo and it will fill her heart with joy.


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Til next time!