Deep Ellum Senior Session | Alexis Class of 2016

I knew from the second I met Alexis I was going to love working with her.  When we sat down late last year, she told me she had a tulle skirt she wanted to wear we were instant friends.  Didn’t know that tulle was the key to my heart?  Well now you know.  We talked about location, and you guys know I love my open, backlit fields, but she wanted something more urban.  When I think of senior portraits I think of fun, colorful, and modern.  Settling on Deep Ellum seemed like the obvious choice, thats pretty much the definition of Deep Ellum.


So one thing that can be a challenge in shooting in a place like Deep Ellum is keeping the spirit of the location without too many distractions.  I want it to look like its downtown, but this session is about Alexis and her transition out of high school and into adulthood.  It shouldn’t be over powered by graffiti or street signs.


There were a couple spots I knew I wanted to use, and the rest of the time we spent wandering.  The goal was to find beautiful texture and buildings that complimented her outfits.  I was amazed at how many different looks we could pull off in such a small area.
deep ellum senior portraits
deep ellum senior portraits

And can we talk about her prom dress?  This was a complete last minute add, she just got it and showed it to be when we were getting ready and I begged her to bring it.  I know its not exactly ideal to walk around the city in a formal gown, but it was so worth it.  deep ellum senior portraits

I love this session so very much, it was so fun!  In fact, after ordering their album I ordered one for my studio as well, thats how much I loved it. Stay tuned for that post, I love showing off albums!

Until next time!