Creative Child Portraits | Keller TX

Believe it or not, I don’t really consider myself extremely creative.  When I think of my strengths they are very technical in nature.  Even in school, I was drawn to the arts, but excelled in academics.  Ok, well excelled may be an exaggeration, but I did much better at learning formulas and equations than a french accent in theater.  Perhaps thats why I focus on my photography as a creative outlet, there are rules and manuals and it can be studies and learned.  I cannot pick up a paint brush and learn to be an artist, the BYOB painting places even laugh at my attempts.  I’ll blame the wine, but you know my secret.

styled child portraits keller tx

So, recently I was challenged to style a session.  And not just style it, but style it on a budget of $100 or less.  I am all about budget and DIY, so this part was fine.  I love not spending money.  But when thinking about styling something, especially with limited funds, it was time to get creative.  And if you read the first paragraph, you’ll know how this does not come naturally to me.  But I saw an image from Three Nails Photography that blew me away.  It was beautiful, a beautiful blonde with butterflies in her hair.  So I though, that sounds like an amazing concept for a child shoot.  Of course my final product isn’t the same, nor was that the intention.  Just an inspiration.



So I asked my makeup artist from Kiss and Makeup [] to borrow her daughter.  I love Micaela’s work and I knew if I gave her an idea of what I was looking for she could create it.  So I found these adorable little butterflies from Amazon.  I bought 2 boxes, but could have easily had 4 to incorporate more into the scene, which was my original plan.  I found the dress at a children’s consignment shop for $8 and voila.  $28 Magic.  I am so proud of these images.  While the concept isn’t completely original, it definitely sparked my creative juices and gave me a chance to create something beautiful that came from my vision.  Its nice to flex those creative muscles every once in a while.

styled child portraits keller tx

This is definitely something I will be doing more of.  And I would love for my clients to provide concepts.  Styling isn’t something we can always just throw together, but the couple extra weeks of planning can produce some incredible results.  How do you want your photographs styled?  Lets create something amazing together.