Chase ~ Senior Model

I had the most wonderful experience with Heather a few months ago.  Heather was my very first, and I will always remember her fondly, check out her photos here.  After that, I knew I needed to photograph seniors.  They are so much fun and it brought back this nostalgia that I thought I wouldn’t ever feel for high school.  Its just such an incredible time in a young person’s life, so much is changing and they are growing into their own person.  Its really so much fun to try and capture that feeling.

Queue Chase.  I found Chase through some local Facebook marketing.  Her mother reached out to me, and once I met them I knew we would work well together.  Chase was such an interesting girl, she was super nice and has so much character.  They both had great ideas right off the bat and I think we executed them nicely.

LRP-brummett-1757   LRP-brummett-1747



LRP-brummett-1842   LRP-brummett-1490


LRP-brummett-1842   LRP-brummett-1582

She is absolutely stunning right?  OMG and I am so in love with that wrestling photo!  How fun is that.  I hope you enjoyed them.

Talk soon!

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