Bluebonnets | Limited Edition Sessions

Bluebonnets are a big deal, like – a really big deal in Texas.  As I grow older and my children grow older I absolutely see why.  They are big and beautiful and such an amazing shade of royal blue.  As a photographer though, they are challenging to say the least.  You never know when or where they will bloom, sometimes they are in full bloom until May, other times they are gone by mid April.  And from the time you see them in full bloom, they will hang around for about 2 weeks.  Today is March 10, and I saw blooms on the side of the highway.  Thats crazy early!  I figure we have a couple weeks before the fields are in full swing.




I want to take a second to explain a change I made to my business.  For a few years now, all of my full sessions included an in person viewing and ordering session.  This is my favorite part as I get to see my clients faces when they first see their images.  We sit down together and decide which products best fit your needs, what sizes look the best where and so forth.  This isn’t about a hard sell, I HATE selling.  This is about making sure you have the right products for your investment.  I feel like doing a digital only delivery was kind of like going to a hair salon and deciding on a color service and them sending you home with the box.  Sure you get the expertise of the stylist, but the service is unfinished.  It’s important to me that I leave my jobs finished.

The last couple years I offered mini sessions 1-2 times per year. You know the ones, the all inclusive session fee where you get a few minutes of photography and a few digital images.  I loved that I had a more affordable option for families that were unable to invest in a full session.  But I felt like I was severely lacking in the service I provided.  Many times I had so many beautiful images how could I decide which ones to edit and deliver?  What if my clients liked different ones than I do (almost always the case with full sessions).  Just because they are in a field of bluebonnets doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a beautiful canvas. So I got creative this year.  I still wanted an affordable entry price and a shorter session.  I wanted my clients to be to order from my regular price menu, but also have some smaller packages available since the sessions are shorter.


Are you still with me?  Great.  So, this year I am introducing limited edition sessions.  At $79, you will receive a 20 minute session, in person gallery view and order session and a price list specially tailored to these sessions.  Look for fun exciting products that are not offered year round.  Don’t worry, digital files are still available for purchase, but now you get to pick your favorites and how many.  Its a much more customized experience that I think you will enjoy.  Digital only packages start at $225, collection packages start at $375.  Collections are by far the best value, they include a fine art product(s) of your choice and all the digital files from our session.

Limited Edition Bluebonnet Sessions

Let’s recap,

  • $79 session fee
  • 20 minutes
  • in person viewing and order
  • digital only packages starting at $225
  • collections (includes digitals) start at $375

If you are ready to book, or need more information, contact me today at or 817-692-0933.