Senior Photoshoot | Behind the Scenes

So far, this year the weather has been completely ridiculous.  This time of year in Texas typically means droughts and low lake levels.  Not this year.  2015, in July, still has flooding from the insane amount of rain we got in May.
While rain in the place of drought is great for keeping things cooler and alive a little longer, for a photographer it means rescheduling session after session.  So I got this great idea to play along.  I put out a model call for a rainy day session.  Think rain boots, rain coat and umbrella.  Adorable right?  Well the universe had other plans, despite the fact that it had rained for 2 weeks straight AND the forecast called for a 100% chance of rain….it did not.  You can clearly see the looming clouds threatening to downpour, but they did not. But I had this incredible model and was really just excited to photograph someone.
Any who.  This post is not actually about the rain, but more about creatively coming up with a solution.  With the crazy monsoon season, we had some incredible wildflowers.  This field of queen annes lace was so beautiful and bigger than any I had ever seen.  I have driven past this location daily for the past 10 years, and never has it looked so gorgeous.  The biggest problem, everything around it.  A busy intersection right behind train tracks, a pizza joint where the sun typically sets, power lines, and my biggest concern…a snake utopia.

Take a look at this quick behind the scenes iPhone snap of the location.  Gorgeous right [insert sarcastic tone]?  But these flowers were worth it, and I was going to make it work.  dfw senior photographer

With some creative angles (squatting in snake utopia), and some great lens compression I got exactly what I had hoped for.  Scratch that, something better than I hoped for.
dfw senior photographer
dfw senior photographer
Corynn was a fantastic sport, stomping around scaring the snakes away, and did not bat an eye when I asked her to walk into waist high flowers.  Goodness knows what all might be living in there.
So next time your photographer takes to you a random field next to a gas station, or down some dirt road next to some cows, it just might surprise you.  Many times what the camera sees is far more beautiful then what your eye can see.  I look forward to share more BTS set ups with you.