Baby Chris

Family is a wonderful thing.  As a new mother, I know I appreciate family now more than I ever did.  Something about loving and caring for a little one makes you appreciate what your family did for you.  My absolute favorite part about family is that they welcome me, camera in tow and know I will invade their privacy all for the sake of experience.

When my brother in law and his wife told us there were expecting I was so stoked!  Built in newborn photo shoot!  Oh and yes, it means Rivers will have a cousin only a few months younger, that somehow seems important too.  I think spending time with my own little baby has helped me in my ability to photograph other babies.  Since Rivers was born, I have had 3 newborn shoots, each time I learned so much and was very happy with the results.

Baby Chris was no exception.  Our hospital photos were taken 24 hours after he was born.  I really loved these images, there is something so raw and intimate about those early hours with a new baby.  This was also their first baby, and it brought back a wave of emotions from my own recent birth.  Its such and incredible time; those first few days with that snuggly bundle of joy was the happiest time in my life.  Don’t get me wrong, its great having him home but once you are there, reality sets it and it gets HARD.  But your so blissfully ignorant in the confines of the hospital walls.  Maybe its all the loving nurses, or maybe its the amazing drugs, but those moments are so priceless.  I was so glad to snap a few photos for them, that maybe during one of those late night feeds, they can look at these and remember that incredible feeling.






Pure sweetness.  A few days later, we headed over to their house for a posed session. Baby Chris was so incredibly easy to work with, a true champ he slept amazing; some might even say “like a baby.”  He was 5 days new when I captured these, and I love them.  I hope they cherish them for years to come.










They are big fans of the Dallas Stars, which I approve of.  However, their love of football leaves the house divided.  His wife is a Dallas Cowboys fan and naturally I approve of this.  My brother in law is a Dolphins fan.  I guess I can be grateful it isn’t the Giants or Redskins though, but in the interest of keeping the peace, we decided to just capture baby boy with the football and not pledge his allegiance just yet.  When the time comes, he can choose a team of his choice.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the squishiness!

Check back soon!

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